Fun with Type

If you read GallyCat, you may have already seen their blurb about an interesting new blurb about the book Just My Type. In it, there's a Periodic Table of Type. (Yes, type nerds, you heard me right. I'm squealing with delight right along side you.) Reminds me a little bit of Jeffrey Skinner's Periodic Table of Poetic Elements.


Keeping Bright Company - Guest Review by Karen Lee Lewis

NB: Reading poetry is as much about how it makes you feel as it is about the meaning of the words. Sometimes, the emotion is even more important than the definitions. This review embraces that stance; it's something I hope more readers can learn to embrace. - JT

BOA Editions (2010)
Keetje Kuipers' book of poetry, Beautiful inthe Mouth, is sculpted with various bodies in mind. She has pressed them for us like flowers into her book. She grounds the work in a tangible physicality, giving the reader many different hands to hold throughout. Kuipers begins and ends with the body, and is particularly interested in its placement in the world. Her eyes paint the concrete with just enough abstraction to create layered landscapes that transform and surprise. The collection, set out in five sections, is a trail guide to light and shadow, and she pinpoints it where ever possible inside the poems, inside lit cigarettes and lamplights, inside fading paper roses and the hulls of boats. We follow the speaker as she attempts to locate a place where the light never sleeps inside her, a place where she can keep bright company, where she feels at once both alone and held together by a body that is not her own.


Geek Out!

The good people over at Open Culture have put up a post with links to Borges' Norton Lectures on Poetry. They were delivered in 1967-68, but they are timeless. Lose yourself...